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No Sweat Mama Terms and Conditions

Please read through the following Terms and Conditions of booking before selecting your class or workshop.


In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

• Fitness Instructor: Amy Buckler-Smith/ No Sweat Mama Fitness Instructor.

• “we”/”us”/”our”: No Sweat Mama.

• Plan: any No Sweat Mama online plan.

• Workshop: one-off group session.

• Client: the person who signs up to a Plan.


• Please consult with your doctor prior to starting the Plan.

• If at any point during any exercise you start to feel faint, dizzy or nauseous please stop immediately.

• You are responsible for exercising within your limits. If you are pregnant, you must please take special care and don’t push yourself to exhaustion.

• Make sure you stay hydrated and take breaks whenever you feel it necessary.


• We require the full name, email and phone number of the Client upon registration in the Booking System. The Client must notify us of any changes.

• These details will be collected within the Booking System, alongside booking information, payment details, etc.

• The personal details of the Client will be kept in accordance with GDPR, and will only be used to contact the Client in relation to the bookings, and to send our newsletter if they have agreed to receiving it.


• At No Sweat Mama, we work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction with the Plan. However, we completely get that it just might not be for you. That’s ok!

• If you decide that’s the case, just let us know. Notify No Sweat Mama by email ( within 30 days of your first purchase and we’ll refund your first payment. No questions asked.


• Card payments are securely taken using Stripe, and No Sweat Mama has no access to card details.


• If your Plan fees become overdue, we reserve the right to refuse you access to the sessions, resources on the Website and app until the overdue sums are paid in full.

• Should you default on payments to us, we reserve the right to notify the default to a credit reference agency or other third party as part of our efforts to obtain payment from you.


We will compensate you for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of a breach of the duties imposed on us by law. However, our liability to you may be mitigated to the extent the loss or damage is attributed to:

• Your own fault; or

• A third party unconnected with the provision of our services; or

• Events which could not have foreseen/avoided even if all of the responsible precautions were taken.

Our liability to compensate you (other than in the case of personal injury or death caused by our negligence) will be limited to the amount that you have paid to us in the previous 12 months or £100 whichever is the greater having regard to such factors as whether the loss or damage was due to a negligent act or omission by us.


• We reserve the right to review and change the Plan fees periodically.

• If you have purchased a monthly Subscription then your monthly Subscription fees will remain the same as you committed to at your Subscription start date throughout the Subscription period that you initially committed to. You will be notified of any changes in Subscription fees by email and given the opportunity to continue with the new Plan fees or cancel the Plan at the end of your current Subscription period.


• You will sign up for the Plan by paying for the first month/year (depending on the contract type) upfront, with monthly/annual payments thereafter.

• Your Subscription with us will continue on an on-going basis until you cancel your membership.


• In addition to the rights set out in the section below entitled “Cancel plan” you may cancel your participation in the Plan by emailing, and your Subscription to the Plan will come to an end at the end of the Subscription period.


• I declare that I have read and understood any questions and have supplied accurate information to the best of my knowledge and commit to informing my fitness instructor of any medical changes.

• Although I understand that all reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure my well being, I am responsible for my own body and that of my baby if applicable, and accept responsibility for myself and my actions.

• At the moment of booking, there will be an explicit agreement to these Terms and Conditions.


If you have any questions or comments you can contact No Sweat Mama in the following ways:

• Email:

• Facebook page:

• Website:


• These terms and conditions apply to each and every booking.

• No Sweat Mama reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without notice to the Client.

• Any such amendments shall be effective once published to and it shall be the Client’s responsibility to check for them.

• Force Majeure – We shall not be liable to you or deemed to be in breach of these terms by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of our obligations in relation to these Terms if the delay was due to any cause beyond our reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of god, terrorism, explosion, flood, storm, fire, war or threat of war, riot, sabotage, insurrection, civil disturbance, restrictions, regulations, by-laws, prohibitions or measures of any kind on the part of any government, parliamentary, or local authority, strikes, lockouts or other industrial action or trade disputes (whether involving our employees or those of any third party), I.T, viruses, difficulties in obtaining raw materials, labour, fuel, parts or machinery, power failure or breakdown in machinery.

• Waiver – No delay or failure by either party to exercise any of its powers, rights or remedies under these Terms will operate as a waiver of them, nor will any single or partial exercise of any such powers, rights or remedies preclude any other or further exercise of them. Any waiver, to be effective, must be in writing.

• Severability – If any part of these Terms is found by a court of competent jurisdiction or other competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable then such part will be severed from these Terms, the remainder of which will continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.

• Entire Agreement – These Terms together with our disclaimer and any policies we have in force from time to time constitute the entire agreement between us and you and shall have effect to the exclusion of any other memorandum, agreement, or understanding of any kind, whether oral or written, between us and you.

• Governing Law and Jurisdiction – These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties hereby agree to submit the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.