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Transform Your Pregnancy Journey: Introducing the No Sweat Mama Pregnancy Plan

The Pre-Mama Plan is the fitness plan designed for pregnancy. The workouts are tailored to each trimester, ensuring safety and well-being for both you and your baby. Enjoy the flexibility of working out anytime, anywhere, start your journey now!

How Does It Work?

Simply access your plan through the No Sweat Mama app, and voila! Your daily workout is ready and waiting.

Say goodbye to frantic gym rushes for a scheduled class – exercise anywhere, anytime, at your convenience.

Welcome to a new era of fitness made easy.

Why The Pre-Mama Plan?

1. Evidence-based and designed by a qualified pregnancy fitness expert

Amy started in the fitness industry 17 years ago and she has used her wealth of knowledge to design the ultimate pregnancy plan.

2. Total flexibility – fit your workouts around your life, not the other way

Workout anywhere, anytime. All you need is the No Sweat Mama app and resistance band.

3. Prepare your body for pregnancy, birth and life as a new mama.

Taking a holistic approach to your fitness will allow you to bounce back more quickly to ‘normal’ you.

4. Train whilst putting your baby’s safety first, where normal fitness plans don’t

Designed by Pregnancy Fitness Coach, Amy, every session is entirely safe for you and your baby.

5. Help relieve common ailments of pregnancy such as incontinence and back ache

These ailments are common in pregnancy and after giving birth but they don’t have to be!

6. Move through each trimester with Amy (and her growing bump!) guiding you

Train alongside Amy, with tips on how to modify exercises to accommodate your growing bump.

What People Are Saying

“Doing The Pre-Mama Plan kept me sane and built up my core which definitely helped me during my pregnancy and allowed me to bounce back quickly after.”

— Jade, Bristol

“I am loving the workouts – I feel stronger, I’ve had no issues with the dreaded incontinence and I actually look forward to them when I wake up each morning.”

— Marie, London

Meet Your Pregnancy Fitness Coach

Hi, I’m Amy… and this is Theo!

My goal is to empower pregnant women to feel confident in their ever changing bodies. I do this by giving them the practical tools they need to prepare their bodies for pregnancy, birth and life as a new mama.

I’ve drawn from the wealth of knowledge built over 17 years in the fitness industry to create a comprehensive pregnancy fitness plan to make your pregnancy journey as enjoyable and active as possible.

Try It Completely Risk-Free

If your training plan isn’t for you, you’ll have peace of mind with our 30 day money back guarantee.