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Ready to Start Feeling Like ‘You’ Again?

The Mama Plan is a fitness journey designed for new mothers, with workouts designed to re-engage your core and pelvic floor whilst restoring your function and strength. No sweat mama, you’ve got this!

How Does It Work?

Simply access your plan through the No Sweat Mama app, and voila! Your daily workout is ready and waiting.

Say goodbye to frantic gym rushes for a scheduled class – exercise anywhere, anytime, at your (or more importantly, your little one’s) convenience.

Plus with the baby and sling workouts, you can rediscover the joy of working out even with your little one glued to you!

Why the Mama Plan?

Women holding baby dressed in workout kit

1. Restart your fitness journey and support your body’s recovery

Whether you were active or not during your pregnancy, your workouts will be designed to look after your body and mind.

2. Develop the habits you need to improve your fitness (even with a newborn around!)

Simple, effective guidelines and advice – we don’t expect you to have unlimited time and resources!

3. Boost your energy levels and your mood

Finally, a plan that you can stick to – regular exercise is known to help improve the quality of your sleep and lift your mood.

4. Gain confidence and strength in your new mama body

Our ethos is about embracing any changes you’ve experienced, and appreciating your body for all it’s achieved.

What People Are Saying

“The Mama Plan allowed me to feel confident when I started to exercise again. Working out from the app meant I could easily fit my workouts around my daughters ever-changing schedule.”

— Sarah, Newport

“Amy really knows her stuff and shares it in a way that isn’t overwhelming. Knowing that she was going to check in with me each week, helped me stay on track even when I felt glued to the sofa!”

— Alexa, London

Meet Your Postnatal Fitness Coach

Hi! My goal is to empower women to feel confident in their ever changing bodies.

I do this by giving them the practical tools they need to prepare their bodies for pregnancy, birth and life as a new mama.

I started in the fitness industry 17 years ago and I’ve drawn from the wealth of knowledge I have acquired to create a comprehensive set of pregnancy and postnatal fitness plans that I hope you will enjoy.

Try It Completely Risk-Free

If your training plan isn’t for you (though we reckon it will be!), you’ll have peace of mind with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Mama Plan Options