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12 Savvy Tips for Air Travel with Your Infant

My friend Setty asked me for travel tips for flying with a baby so as I put a few bullet points together I thought I may as well share with all of you guys too!

The idea of travelling with an infant can feel overwhelming at times, but with a bit of planning it doesn’t have to be.

  1. My biggest tip is allow more than enough time and then an extra half an hour – things are mainly stressful when you are running late/rushing!
  2. I love our passport holder to keep them all in one place and it has slots for your GHIC cards too (don’t forget to order the baby one!)
  3. Where possible, opt for civilised flight times. I’ve always been one to go for the cheapest flights and enjoy the money you saved when you get on holiday but even I will admit that flying at reasonable times makes all the difference when you are flying with a baby!
  4. Buggies – I used to have a yo-yo which I loved, until I saw the ErgoBaby Metro. It lies back to pretty much flat and is suitable from newborn without any extra ‘newborn pack’, plus you can change the height of the handle. Quick thing to note – check you have the right carry on allowance for your travel buggy. Then stand your ground because some air stewards seem to still be a bit arsy!
    While we are on the subject of buggies – buggy clips are so useful for attaching your water bottle and nappy bag to the buggy.
  5. Whether travelling or not, I love a sling – this is my favourite, but I think they come into their own while travelling to free up your hands plus your can breastfeed subtly too.
  6. Take a sarong in your hand luggage – doubles up as a blanket, cover for breastfeeding, towel, ‘bag’ for coats, sling, and burp cloth for emergencies.
  7. Pack a few toys in your cabin bag but remember everything can be fun for a baby – a water bottle, a packet of crisps, literally anything!
  8. Maximise the space with your carry on with a bag designed as a cabin handbag. It may not be the most stylish but it is the most practical which is the most important when it comes to travelling with an infant! It comes with a liquid bag so your can pack everything before you get to the airport, a strap so its sits on a wheelie suitcase and its really spacious.
  9. I love wearing a maxi dress when travelling because you can pull it up on the plane if its hot or tuck your feet in if its cold but defo recommend packing a change of clothes for you and baby.
  10. Nappy clutch bag like this one – I only use one of these whether travelling or not but it comes into its own when changing a nappy in a tiny cubicle on a plane!
  11. From as soon as possible, try playing one song/playlist/pink noise whenever your baby goes to sleep, its an easy way to make things feel familiar when travelling.
  12. I know it is easier said than done but don’t worry about what people are thinking. Most of the time people are super accommodating when you are travelling with an infant but if someone is arsey, ignore them!
  13. Consider getting ear defenders. I wasn’t sure whether or not they would be useful or a waste of money but we have used them quite a lot – for weddings, flights, bars and loud tubes. Here is Sebby modelling them.

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