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How to breathe correctly after pregnancy

Correct breathing technique is the foundation for true core function, healing and strength which is important at anytime but particularly in the postnatal period. Think of your breath as the building blocks to a strong core.

You can practice anywhere, anytime and here is how.

  1. Start with placing your hands on your ribcage, below your boobs and sit up tall or stand up.
  2. As you inhale through your nose, feel your ribcage expanding and see your tummy expanding slightly.
  3. On the exhale, again through the nose, squeeze the pelvic floor (imagine the pubic bone and the coccyx coming towards each other and pulling up), feel your ribcage returning to the starting position and think about drawing your tummy button towards your spine. Then relax your pelvic floor.
  4. Do this a few times and repeat it a few times throughout the day.

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