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Undisputed benefits of yoga pregnancy

These days, a growing number of women are turning to pregnancy yoga. Let’s dive into the benefits of the gentle world of stretching, breathing, and connecting with your little one, other than the obvious!

What is pregnancy yoga?

Pregnancy yoga, rooted in the ancient traditions of yoga, is not just about perfecting poses; it’s about adapting them to the wonderful changes happening within the body.

Physical benefits of pregnancy yoga

Alleviating pregnancy discomfort

From backaches to swollen ankles, pregnancy comes with more than its fair share of discomforts. This is where pregnancy yoga can help, there are many poses that work wonders in soothing these common woes, all while keeping you flexibly strong.

Preparing for labour

Yoga’s got your back (and your front, and everywhere in between). Discover poses and breathing techniques that may just become your secret weapon for a smoother journey into motherhood.

Improved posture and balance

Say goodbye to wobbles and hello to poise. Pregnancy yoga is your ticket to maintaining that perfect balance, reducing back pain, and overall, feeling like the goddess you are.

Emotional and mental benefits of pregnancy yoga

Stress reduction

Stressed about being stressed? Time to unroll that yoga mat. Yoga works its magic, unwinding those knots of anxiety and leaving you with a sense of zen.

Connecting with your little one

Mindfulness meets maternity in the world of pregnancy yoga. Learn how meditation and yoga create a beautiful connection between you and your little one, fostering a bond that begins even before you set eyes on your little one.

Creating a supportive community

Who says yoga is a solitary affair? Discover the joy of sharing your journey with a community of expecting mums and enjoy a decaf green tea after class! Before getting pregnant I had always imagined doing a weekly pregnancy yoga class and having that little community around me, then I got pregnant and….Covid! So while I have not experienced this, I hear its great!

Suitable for everyone

One size fits all? Not in pregnancy yoga! Pregnancy yoga can be whatever you want it to be, you can modify the posses based on your unique needs and where you are in your pregnancy.

Hopefully you can see the benefit of pregnancy yoga, you won’t regret it! Try a couple of pose right now – you’ll be striking that Warrior III in no time!

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