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Pregnant women doing exercise on workout mat


Feel your best during pregnancy. The Pre-Mama Plan helps to prepare your body for birth and life after and encourages healthy habits in a manageable routine. With our help, you will safely navigate fitness in each trimester, maintain fitness throughout your pregnancy and relieve common ailments of pregnancy.


Restart your fitness journey following the incredible pregnancy process. You will be able to fit the workouts seamlessly around your life (even with newborn!), shape your body for the future (functionality is the key) and build confidence in your new mama body. Suitable to start at any point post birth.

Meet Amy (& Theo and Sebby!)

The No Sweat Mama Plans are designed by pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert, and mother of two, Amy Buckler-Smith.

Her goal is to empower pregnant women to feel confident in their ever changing bodies. She does this by giving them the practical tools they need to prepare their bodies for pregnancy, birth and life as a new mama.

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